Welcome To Freshway Services Corporation

We are a full services Janitorial Company and we want your business. We have been in business since 1995. Our owners have accumulated over 60 years of contract cleaning experience. Each of the owners has excelled in their specialty areas, and their collaborative expertise and experience ensures that our customers receive the highest quality of cleaning.

We offer conventional cleaning as well as green cleaning and sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

We, at FreshWay Services Corporation, are committed to driving environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions to meet our customers’ environmental, economic, and cultural goals. We commit to partnering with customers and suppliers to preserve natural resources that future generations deserve.

We strive to be a responsible and sustainable janitorial company. We continue to improve the quality of life for our customers and our employees now and in the future. Our goal is to continuously transform the environmental and social performance of the cleaning industry while enhancing competitiveness and profitability for our customers.

By simple definition, Green Cleaning is the science of controlling contaminants and pollutants. In cleaning, we find, identify, capture, contain, remove and dispose pollutants.

Why We Are The Best

For 22 years we have contracted services with companies in North Carolina.

We offer full janitorial services (Conventional and Green Cleaning) to businesses in excess of 40,000 square feet:
- Private Schools
- Warehouse Offices
- Churches and their schools
- Office Buildings

We are certified and compliant with ISSA CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard), and we have membership with Green Seal and USGBC. FreshWay Services Corporation is Credentialed, Licensed, Bonded and Insured.