We contract services with business in excess of 40,000 Sq. Ft. Our services include a highly trained, experienced working manager. We offer Conventional Cleaning or Green Cleaning. We offer services 24 hours/ 7 days including holidays.

Routine cleaning includes:

- Offices
- Rest rooms
- Break areas
- Meeting/ conference areas
- Stairwells and elevators
- Hallways and entryways
- Waiting/ reception areas
- Kitchens and all appliances
- Windows
- A host of other areas

Our on-going project cleaning includes:

- Full hard floor care (Stripping, shower                     scrubbing, burnishing)
- Full carpet care (Spot cleaning, bonnet                   shampooing, full extraction, steam cleaning)
- Maintenance of wood floors including                     gymnasiums
- Upholstered chairs and cubicle walls
- Pressure washing concrete and brick (ask us         about cleaning leveler pits)
- Full interior/ exterior glass cleaning (up to 7 feet   from the ground)
- Maintaining exterior entrance areas and patios/   break areas

Quality Control includes:

- Daily, weekly and monthly inspections
- Monthly Housekeeping meetings/ training/ recognition of employees
- Monthly customer meetings
- OSHA Training
- First Aid Training
- Safety
- MSDS, HazCom, Right-To-Know
- Back Ground Checks (Drug testing if requested)
- Personnel uniformed

Managers trained and qualifications include:

- Employee relations and counseling
- On-going training for employees
- Safety
- First Aid
- OSHA, MSDS, Right-TO-Know
- Payroll
- Ordering supplies
- Inventory and PAR usage studies for supplies and chemicals
- Customer relations
- Quality Assurance

Corporate Assurance includes:

- All equipment maintained and kept on site.
- Maintenance and repair logs kept current
- Weekly inventory of all supplies, consumables and chemicals
- All routine cleaning chemicals chosen according to Green Seal standards
- Annual competitive bidding to get the lowest pricing of supplies and                   chemicals
- FreshWay Services Corporation Management certified by ISSA Cleaning             Industry Management Standard (CIMS)
- Upper management active with current laws in OSHA, HR, and employment     law.

Ask us about helping you with LEED requirements